EN: On November 27, the performance “Puppets?” by the FNT Youth Centre theatre group took place in Botosani. The event was held as a part of the “Inclusion through Art” project, supported by the European Solidarity Corps.

The purposes of the performance were the physical actions memory working, the transition from one emotional state to the next one, as well as organic silence. The director’s decision was to show that it is not the word, but the action is the driver of theatre and life in general.

The show consisted of blocks where each actor was overcoming an internal personal conflict. The main topics that were raised in each block:

  • disregarding safety rules for the sake of popularity on social networks,
  • computer games addiction,
  • smoking at a young age,
  • self-medication,
  • abusive relationships

The cross-cutting action of the event was “fate”, which carried the idea: “Your fate, is only in your hands!” The main goal of this performance was to convey to each of viewers that only their choice can change their lives. In the end, the actors tied the “threads of fate” onto the audience, thereby giving them the choice “Will you be a puppet in the hands of the fate or will you still keep your life in your own hands?”

Activity implemented by FNT Youth Centre, coordinated by the National Youth Foundation, with support from Plan International and European Solidarity Corps